High Speed Fibre to the Business. Reliable, scalable, fast..

Reliable, scalable and providing much higher up-link speeds than DSL, Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTB) provides fibre-based broadband connectivity. Fibre is amazing technology, named after fibre optics that use light impulses to carry data along glass fibre tubes literally travel at the speed of light! So it is fastest and most exciting type of connectivity available! Fibre can be used to carry public (internet) traffic or Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic, and unlike ADSL and VDSL, no telephone landline is required to use Fibre.

The roll-out is speeding up every month and new areas are continually being added. Gigazone has a team of skilled experts that work closely with infrastructure providers to provide customers with the best range of solutions for their business.

With our extensive fibre offerings, we’re able to tailor a solution ideally suited to your business requirements.

If you’re not sure what options are available to you or if your area is not yet live, contact us for the inside scoop of when we can get fibre to your home!